Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Way to go Tony!

My good news story is about Tony who works at Natural Selection in Grass Valley. I have witnessed & experienced the kindness & cheerfulness Tony exudes to customers shopping at Natural Selection. As he rings up each order, he goes out of his way to recognize each shopper as an individual of worth & value. 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

A Super Happy Birthday!

Today is April 1, 2020. It is my daughter Hilary’s 40th Birthday. We were having a large party; a real Luau, but we had to cancel. I tried not to feel sad. But I felt sad anyway. I am old and so I do not dare go to the store to get a cake. This made me very sad. But then Kimi J. posted on FB that she needed to bake and could anyone use a cake. I said, omg, yes! She brought Hilary’s cake over this morning so I could surprise Hilary. This was the finest homemade raspberry cake we have ever eaten. I am so grateful. Thank You Kimmi J. You have made us all so happy. Your kindness makes me cry 😭. I love you dear Kimmi J even more than raspberry cake, and that was the best cake ever.

Friday, March 6, 2020

A Surprise Gift

One day it was snowing pretty hard when I woke up in the morning. I didn’t know what to do! I was uncertain and concerned. I knew that I had to go to work, but I don’t like to drive in the snow. I was frightened that I could get stuck or have an accident. As I looked out of the bedroom window I could see that it was still coming down pretty hard. I faced a tough decision.

My job is about a 2 miles away and I have walked it before, even in the rain. So I got up the courage and decided to walk to work. I did really well walking on the flat sections of the sidewalk until I got down to town. As I started down the hill it was pretty icy. I was scared to continue. Being just a little more than frightened I saw a police car slowly coming toward me. As the car got closer I waved to him and he stopped. I told him my situation and he immediately offered me a ride to work. The blessing was that I was right on time, and felt good about my own decision and courage to walk to town. Both were a gift to me. 

Friday, February 14, 2020


A man accidentally knocked of the side mirror on my car trying to maneuver into a tight parking spot. He then ordered a new one and replaced it himself several days later not only that, he gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers as a apology. What a good guy.


Sunday, February 9, 2020


Two men in our neighborhood noticed that another neighbor was having trouble getting her father who recently became wheelchair-bound in and out of his house. One of the men happened to have a portable wheelchair ramp in storage.  They brought the ramp over to the neighbor and installed it for her.  She now is able to get her father in and out of their house much easier.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

A Helping Hand

Josh and Margaret are good friends. Margaret lives in an apartment
complex in Grass Valley, where she is the assistant manager. She has
been ill the last couple of months and unable to carry out many of her
responsibilities, such as raking leaves, putting the trash cans out on
the curb every week for pick-up, sweeping the sidewalks and parking
lot and keeping the storage and laundry areas clean and tidy. Josh
lives a mile and a half away and doesn’t drive. He has been helping
Margaret with the above responsibilities as well as making her meals
and helping to clean her apartment. In order to do this, he is willing
to walk the three-mile round trip from his house to hers two days a
week, even in cold weather.


Friday, January 24, 2020


A few days ago, I posted a recipe and picture of some delicious-looking lemon meringue cupcakes on Facebook and lamented that I didn’t have any.
Well, a couple days later, my friend Kate, actually made and delivered a plate of lovely lemon meringue cupcakes to me.  I am stunned. It isn’t my birthday or anything!  I feel cherished and loved.  I know that kindness and love are really real. I can return again and again to the sweet memory of Kate’s kindness and lovely lemon meringue cupcakes.

Cathy Lee

Aren't they beautiful?